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“Healthy means fresh”, we grew up listening to this lecture on how frozen food is the worst. If my grandmother catches me heating a box of Frozit’s ready-to-eat biryani for lunch, she would first throw the freezer out of the house first and then kick me out of her will.

Hiding my freezer from my granny, let’s try and debunk the most controversial question, “is frozen food worst for your health?” Well, to get your answer, continue reading to debunk the 10 frozen food myths.

Myth 1: Fresh food is healthier than frozen food.

Well, definitely a bag of fresh carrots is healthier than a packet of frozen French fries. But, there’s no difference in the nutritional value of frozen and fresh food.

Often frozen food tends to hold more nutritional value as it was frozen when the product was ripe and best to consume so its nutrients didn’t degrade during the transportation and purchase period unlike that of fresh fruits and veggies.

Myth 2: Freezing food kills bacteria.

Oh, you wish. Yes, bacteria are indeed most active between 4°C and 60°C, but it does not die below 4°C. Instead, it becomes inactive. The colder temperature does not eliminate the risk of any bacteria that might have been present when you popped the food in the freezer.

Myth 3: Ice-cream gets bad if they grow crystals.

No, you don’t have to throw out the ice cream tub you left earlier this week in the freezer. The ice crystals on its surface just show that due to temperature fluctuation, it was melting but then when the temperature was lowered it refroze and formed crystals.

Myth 4: All frozen food is rich in sodium.

No, no, that’s pickle, not frozen food. Salt is not a refrigerant used in food; the only amount of sodium present is to make the food taste good.

Myth 5: It’s safe to thaw food on the kitchen counter.

NEVER. Leaving your frozen food at room temperature is an invite for bacteria to attack your food. If there’s meatloaf on your kitchen counter now, please just walk it to the garbage can. It’s a bacterial bonanza

Myth 6: Refreezing frozen food is bad.

If you thawed your food appropriately and not on your kitchen top, then it is completely safe to refreeze your food.

Myth 7: Eggs cannot be frozen.

You don’t have to throw that extra caret of egg you bought at discount from the grocery store. Just crack the eggs in a bowl and whisk them. Freeze the whisked egg and eat omelettes for breakfast every day.

Myth 8: Frozen food expires.

If you're scared to use that hidden packet of frozen peas from your freezer, don't be. You can cook matar paneer for dinner as states on their website that, "frozen foods stored continuously at 0 degrees F or below can be kept indefinitely."

Myth 9: Freezing milk is unsafe.

It’s a myth. You can freeze your extra gallon of milk and later brew a cup of cold coffee and enjoy.

Myth 10: Frozen food is expensive.

Well, if a hygienic and tasty box of Frozit’s ready to eat Biryani (Rs.150) seems expensive to you, then why should I even mention that instead of going to a restaurant and ordering a plate of biryani for Rs. 250, you can have Frozit biryani and laccha kheer and orange mousse for the same amount. You believe your myths.