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Ready-to-Eat Vegetarian Delicacies by Frozit

Ready-to-Eat Vegetarian Delicacies by Frozit

We all have extremely fast-paced lives in the 21st century. With our work, social commitments, and family, we hardly get time to do things for ourselves. Cooking is a luxury of time that many of us don’t have. Making meals from scratch takes up time and energy and isn’t possible at times. Do you also feel like this? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you in the form of ready-to-eat delicacies by Frozit. All our ready-to-eat meals are made with care. You just have to heat them up and it’s ready to serve. Here are some of the best vegetarian delicacies we have that will make your mouth water.

Veg Biryani: Biryani is a favourite of all Indians, however, the process of making it is as tedious as it can get. Our ready-to-eat Veg Biryani will offer all the aromatic goodness of this dish instantly. It comes in a 500g package and is filled with delicacy and nutrients.

Kadai Mushroom: If you like fried dishes with gravy then this is the perfect meal for you. These mushrooms are sauteed in butter and have a gravy of tomato with capsicums and onion. It is laden with spices and the tangy flavour of tomatoes.

Mughlai Paneer: A crowd-favourite in India, this dish is rich in aroma, spices, and creaminess. It contains pieces of paneer and gravy of tomato, turmeric, chili, and other spices. Get this ready-to-eat to experience Mughlai food instantly.

Paneer Malai Tikka: Another paneer delicacy, it is made by marinating the paneer with spices and grilling it in tandoor. It is a very great vegetarian replacement for meat in Indian cuisine.

Lachha Paratha: This is a layered paratha and is very famous in the northern part of India. It is crispy on the outside and extremely soft on the inside. You can have it with any other dish although it works the best with gravy.

Roasted Veg Pasta: A perfect snack for that hunger during the middle of the day. It is extremely low on calories and contains essential nutrients and vitamins. You can casually eat this ready-to-eat pasta anytime during the day without the fear of eating junk.

Pasta Mushroom: Pasta with mushrooms and a creamy sauce sounds extremely delicious. However, who has the time to make it? You can now enjoy it instantly with our ready-to-eat package.

You don’t have to worry about too many chemicals and preservatives in our products. As it doesn’t contain any harmful substances that can damage your health. These delicacies are fresh, healthy, and instant. Now, you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule and just grab these ready-to-eat packages and have a delicious meal.