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Say Hi to Frozit's Premium Product Range

Say Hi to Frozit's Premium Product Range

Fitness is the way of life and each day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Find your way to stay fit & healthy with complete range of premium food products for the entire family.

Frozit’s constant commitment towards product innovation, high-quality standards and the healthiest food options resulted in the new range of premium products. The products are aimed at new-age health-conscious individuals with extra care taken to ensure that only the high-quality ingredients sourced from handpicked farms are used in the manufacturing process. Enjoy authentic dishes filled with health & goodness that are ready to cook and sealed in a convenient 'keep fresh' pack. All products are free of chemicals & pesticides. The absence of additives and preservatives, as well as the absence of adulteration, makes it the best option for your diet. Here’s a list of our nutrient-rich, pure and delicious premium products.

1. Instant Biryani Mix: A perfect blend of Basmati rice and aura of Biriyani with quality spices and dehydrated vegetables has helped us develop FROZIT Royal Touch “Instant Biriyani mix”. No artificial colours, no preservatives, 100% vegetarian & Gluten free.

· Vacuum packed Instant Biryani Mix has several advantages

· Aroma Interlocked

· Increased shelf life of the product

· Protection against microbial contamination

· Special vacuum pouch to prevent insect infections

· Easy to carry, store & use

2. Instant Punjabi Dal Tadka: Punjabi dal tadka is one of the most popular Indian Cuisine. With FROZIT’s Instant Punjabi Dal tadka you can easily prepare delicious dal tadka at your home. This packet consists of Dal, mix, Punjabi tadka mix & Tempering mix in 3 different pouches. By following the instruction on the packet, one can relish authentic Dal tadka in just 10 minutes.

3. Dev Bhog Khichdi Mix: FROZIT Khichdi Mix is very unique and pure. This product can be used for people on fasting, Pooja festival time, Satwik Bhojan. It consist of Rice, lentils, dehydrated vegetables and ghee combine to provide carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fibre, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. It is very healthy and easy to make in 10 mins. This gives comfort to our stomach. The shelf life of this product is 10 months.

4. Basmati Rice: Ruchi (Frozit) pure Basmati rice is known for its taste, fragrance & size. Ruchi has taken the effort to select the long grain Basmati rice with the typical aroma of Basmati. Ruchi pure Basmati rice is well cleaned and hygienically processed and packed through latest state food art, imported machines to maintain highest international standard.

5. Daliya: Here it comes unique and exclusive packaging product FROZIT DALIYA which is free from Chemicals and Pesticides. Wheat Daliya can be used in making dishes such as Upma, Porridge & many more dishes. This food Item has a natural taste, flavor and aroma. Wheat Daliya is very good for weight loss. It is great source of proteins, vitamin B and fiber. Fiber promotes good digestion and improves body functioning. Wheat Daliya is rich in protein and fibre and thus qualifies to be one of the healthiest breakfast options. It is even considered to be a super food in many sub-continents of India as it is loaded with nutrients.

6. Sooji: Frozit Sooji is high in protein, carbohydrate, potassium, fiber, calcium. Used in various Indian dishes, but it is most commonly found in breakfast dishes and desserts.

7. Sagoo: Frozit Tapioca Sagoo helps in muscle growth, improves bone health, keep blood pressure under control, gives energy level boost and improves digestion. Sagoo is a processed, ready to cook agriculture food product. For infants & sick persons or during fast (vrata-upwas), Sabudana is considered an acceptable form of nutrition.

8. Chudda Powder:  Chudda Powder, also known as flattened rice powder or Poha powder, is an excellent meal replacement for people of all ages because it is high in iron, calcium, vitamin-E & protein.

9. Chana Besan: Frozit Chana besan is a common ingredient in Indian cooking. Besan is used as a thickener in all types of soups and sauces, and it can be used in the same way when egg is used in western cuisine to bind ingredients together. It can be used to make delicious crispy snacks like- Pakodi, Dhokla, Murukku, Khandavi etc.

10. Punjabi Tadka: Frozit Punjabi tadka is made with high-quality lentils assembled to make an easy kit of aromatic blends sourced from the best farms. Taste maker and Fenugreek leaves were packed with the Dal mix to make it spicier and easier to cook.

11. Multigrain Sattu: Frozit Sattu, also known as "Chatua" in Odisha, is a popular breakfast made from various roasted multigrains such as chickpeas, flatten rice, white peas, wheat, green gram, groundnut etc. Multigrain Sattu is made of many grains where Chana is also there. It is best for those who take energy drink or protein drink which is unnatural. Our Multigrain Sattu with different types of grains are loaded with extra vitamins, protein and calcium supplements helps to boost up your body and health.

12. Corn Flour: Frozit Corn flour is a popular food product. It is the starch derived from whole corn kernels. It contains the hull, germ & endosperm of the corn and is considered a whole grain flour. A must used ingredients in every snacks, soups & sauces.

13. Ragi Flour: Frozit Ragi flour is otherwise known as Finger millet powder. It is an excellent protein source for vegetarians. Freshly ground flour having a good source of Calcium and Protein & naturally Gluten free. Pediatricians recommended finger millet based food for infants of six months and abovebecause of its wealthy nutritional content.

14. Jaljeera: Jaljeera not only quenches thirst but also enhances the appetite and aids digestion. The fragrance and flavor of Frozit Jaljeera Powder are both refreshing.

15. Olive Oil: It is obtained by pressing the Olive, which is an edible and oleaginous fruit. It is highly recommended for both consumption and other applications such as skincare and health care.

16. Soya Chunks: Frozit Soyarol is a high-protein food used in Biryanis or curries and is thought to be a meal maker. They are high in protein and are thought to be highly beneficial to our health and should be included in our daily diet.

17. Psyllium Husk: FROZIT Isabgol, also known as Psyllium husk, is a natural vegetable product derived from Isabgol seeds through a milling process. It is used to treat cholesterol in conjunction with a healthy diet.

18. Idli Rava: 100% organic. It is Rice sooji. High in energy. Gluten Free. Perfect for daily consumption. Rich in nutrients. Hygienically manufactured and packed. Untouched by human hands. Exclusive Packaging. RUCHI Idli Rava is a great choice in making soft and fluffy Idlis. The smooth texture adds a delicious taste to Idlis. It is a rich source of resistant starch, vitamins, and minerals. Once the Idlis get served with dal, the dish becomes more nutritious.

19. Chapati Flour: Frozit Chapatti flour is a multigrain blend of whole grains that can be used to make chapattis/rotis at home by simply adding a bit of warm water and milk to make a soft dough.

20. Custard Powder:  Indulge yourselves in some creamy and delicious custard with FROZIT Custard Powder. The fine texture and authentic vanilla flavour makes it extra delicious. FROZIT Custard Powder helps you in making various types of Custard including Frozen Custard, Baked Custard, Custard with fruit salads and so on... Hassle - free preparation that is simple enough for anyone to try. This quick and easy recipe is a sure shot winner in soothing your taste buds. An easy to-go, to deal with that unannounced guest.​

21. Extra Strong Hing: Frozit Hing is a pungent spice that infuses a distinct flavour to any dish to which it is added. A pinch of extra strong Hing gives unique flavors to any dish is is added to.

22. Papad: Frozit papad is a thin wafer/cracker/flatbread made from dried lentils. Manufactured with the finest ingredients.  It's perfect when used with meals or dipping into chutneys & pickles or even as a snack. It gives an additional taste and aroma for all kinds of dishes.

23. Soan Papdi: Frozen Soan Papdi is a cube-shaped dessert with a crisp and flaky texture. This original cotton candy confection of India is a treat for both children and adults.


So, have you joined the healthy-living bandwagon yet? It is not just about following a specific diet or working out; it's also about selecting the right ingredients that will benefit your health in the long run!