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P.O.V- You wake up on the first alarm at 6 am, the sun is still rising, you zip your hoodie, sip a warm cup of coffee and jog in the morning cold breeze. You come home; you are hungry…. Well, well, well. On this perfect morning, I can’t let you have a boring bowl of doodh-cornflakes. 

Make your morning breakfast as lit as your early morning jog with these creative yet healthy breakfast ideas using FROZIT’s FarrmB BREAKFAST CEREALS.


Tasty Frozit breakfast 1: Smoothie Bowl with Frozit Muesli

Smoothie bowls are the easiest and tastiest 'blend and pour recipe'. Grab a blender and let’s get blending:

Blend- 1 chopped banana, 1tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder, a few drops of vanilla extract or essence, 2 tbsp milk, and some ice.

Pour- this thick and creamy smoothie into a bowl. 

Frozit Fun- top your smoothie with a scoop of Frozit Muesli. The almonds and raisins in the muesli would make your smoothie crunchier and healthier.

Grab a spoon and burp it down!


Yummy Frozit breakfast 2: White Chocolate Cornflakes Bar

Cornflakes bars are the perfect easy-to-go breakfast idea. And also, the yummiest. Grab a bowl and start mixing:

Mix- in a bowl, add a cup of Frozit cornflakes, that is low in fat and cholesterol but high in vitamins and minerals. To this add 1/4 cup of chopped dry fruits (Almonds, walnuts, and pistachio goes best), 2tbsp mixed seeds. Now add 1/4 cup melted white chocolate and mix and mix and mix.

Spread and cut- Transfer the mixture into a lined flat tin and spread into a flat sheet. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes then cut them into bars. 

Voila! Your tasty 'I-carry-my-breakfast-in-my-purse' is ready.


Healthy Frozit breakfast 3: Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal

No. Don’t scroll down. It’s oats but it tastes like Christmas – warm and tasty. Get a pan and start stirring:

Cook- in a pan, heat 1 tsp ghee. To this add 1 sliced apple and 1 small cinnamon stick. Cook till the apple is soft but not mushy. Then, mix in a 1/4 cup Frozit original oats and 1/2 cup water. Let it cook till oats are done and all water has evaporated from the pan.

Garnishing- empty the oatmeal in a bowl, add 1 tbsp peanut butter and sprinkle some pumpkin and chia seeds. And then dig in!


Finger-licking Frozit breakfast 4: Choco Bite Smoothie Bowl 

Smoothie bowls are so convenient to make that you can never have enough variations. So, get a blender and grab a bowl:

Blend- 1 chopped banana, 1 tbsp curd, 1 tbsp peanut butter, a few drops of vanilla essence, 2 tbsp milk, and a few cubes of ice. Ghhhhrrrrrrr….

Fab with Frozit - pour the smoothie in a bowl and top this with a scoop of Frozit crunchy choco bite. 

Get a spoon and enjoy the choco bite melting and doing salsa with the salty peanut butter in your mouth :P