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Your Instant Go-To Meal Options For When You Are Feeling Lazy

Your Instant Go-To Meal Options For When You Are Feeling Lazy

We are Odisha's No. 1 and only company in the processed and packaged food industry. "FROZIT" is a home-grown brand whose products are not only popular in Odisha, but also loved by people all over India.

Frozit strives to capture the distinct flavors and tastes of delicious food from all across India. Our recipes are created with some of the finest ingredients and hand-selected spices. We also use retort process technology to inspect, test and sterilize our ingredients to ensure product safety and integrity from farm to table.

Meals with Frozit entail indulging in highly flavourful dishes but low cooking time. Are you among the ones who are always on the go but want to eat their favourite dish every now and then? Or perhaps you're in need of a hearty meal? The wide variety of ready-to-eat meals available at Frozit can be enjoyed in a matter of minutes - simply heat, feed, and enjoy. All of our ready-to-eat meals are meticulously prepared. Here are some of our favourite dishes that will make your mouth water.

Kadai Mushroom: If you enjoy fried dishes with gravy, this is the dish for you. These mushrooms are sautéed in butter and   served with a tomato, capsicum, and onion gravy. It's loaded with spices and has a tangy tomato flavour.

Mughlai Paneer: This dish is a crowd-pleaser in India due to its aroma, spices, and creaminess. It's made with paneer and a tomato, turmeric, chilli gravy. Get this ready-to-eat to get a taste of Mughlai cuisine right away

Chicken Ghee Roast:A classic Ghee Roast chicken is a traditional recipe from Indian kitchens. A succulent marinated and cooked   chicken marinated and cooked in a rich masala cooked in rich ghee. This recipe will have your family asking for more, assure you.


You don't have to be concerned about our products containing excessive chemicals and preservatives. Our delicacies are fresh, healthy, and ready in minutes. Our ready-to-eat dishes are made with the finest ingredients and subjected to stringent quality controls to ensure that you get the best taste and the safest products.