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Almond Pista Cookies250g


Product Description

The Almond Pista Badam Cookies are a real delicacy with rich spicy notes. Assorted nuts give these biscuits a delectable crunch, while an array of spice powders give it a tantalising aroma.

Wheat Flour (Refined), Edible Vegetable Fat (Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils), Sugar, Almond, Pistachio, Custard Powder, Partly Skim Milk Powder, Edible Common Salt, Calcium Propionate, Vanilla Essence, Milk Essence, Butter Essence, Raising Agents (500-ii, 503-ii), Antioxidants (31 9, 320)

Size/Weight 250g
Additional Info CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR SYNTHETIC (BADAM) (INS numbers are in brackets)
Note "HYDROGENATED FAT USED-CONTAINS TRANSFATS'' I. Total Transfats Contents Not More than 10% by weight. II. Total Transfats Contents Not More than 58% by Weights: "CONTAINS ALLERGENS - WHEAT, NUTS, MILK"

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